This was an incredible experience. Extremely talented artists Drew and Erin Rae sharing their music less then 6 ft from me was incredible, almost religious experience. I would recommend this experience to anyone who loves music and wants to feel the love that an artist puts into their work.
— Amanda // Steamship // August 2019
Charming and unique. The music was first class and the setting both historic and majorly cool. We loved every minute! Seating was comfortable and the venue intimate. Being able to wander around a historic mansion, was an added bonus. If you get the chance to do this, it is truly a once-in-lifetime experience.
— Cathy // Mansion // August 2019
I was extremely thrilled about this experience, I personally have never been to anything like this and completely enjoyed every minute of it! I couldn’t stop smiling!
— Cadence // Steamship // August 2019
Wonderful wonderful. We got a chance to speak to local artists. It’s not an everyday experience that we got to learn the personal story behind each song. The venue is very intimate as well. Thank you Darren, Young & Bradford and everyone for a wonderful Friday evening.
— Uyen // Steamship // August 2019
Amazing musicians & unique venue gave this experience a once-in-a-lifetime feel. The steamboat is beautiful and has lots of information about its history & the quality of the musicianship was incredible.
— Taylor // Steamship // August 2019
Such an amazing experience with amazing performers!! It’s extremely heart warming to be able to share such an intimate and vulnerable space with such amazing artists. Would definitely recommend!
— Angelica // Mansion // June 2019
Absolutely amazing! I selfishly don’t even want to share this with anyone to better my chances of going to more intimate aesthetic gatherings like this. What luck, I picked the right way to spend my night.
— Alyssa // Mansion // June 2019
We LOVE their music! Me and my friend are amazed by the quality of the show as we both agreed that this is the best private concert we have ever been to!! Virginia V is a special and unique location and is great for holding concerts. Darren is a great host and we highly highly recommend this event to everyone!!
— Jennifer // Steamship // June 2019
Darren and the musicians provided a fantastic intimate experience that can not be replicated. A big thank you to the crew of the Virginia V and the artist for keeping the music alive.
— Ben // Steamship // June 2019
DO. THIS. Seriously, such an amazing, intimate, and unique experience. If you’re a fan of live music then this is a must. I’ve never felt closer to live music than this (:
— Haley // Steamship // June 2019
This was a very unique and valuable experience because in a world of digital communication it was something tangible and human. There was a touching sense of community and honor for the Arts. The experience was absolutely heartfelt and very refreshing!
— Christopher // Steamship // May 2019
What an amazing night! After a day of work and travel, it was absolutely wonderful to unwind and complete immerse in the music. The artists were great, the location was phenomenal, and I couldn’t not have asked for a better first night in Seattle! A must experience for any traveler!
— Jose // Steamship // May 2019
Enjoyed hearing two artists new to us, one I heard again on the radio today. Liked being surprised by who we would hear. The Virgina V is a very special historic vessel, well worth supporting and visiting. The sound was excellent, the views superb. No host bar, but free snacks are offered.
— Carla & Kirk // Steamship // May 2019
Such an amazing experience! From exploring the beautiful mansion to hearing the incredibly talented and intimate performances from the musicians—you really can’t enjoy live music any better. Thanks to Darren for creating such a unique and wonderful experience!
— Carly // Mansion // April 2019
The entire experience was fantastic! The boat was beautiful, Darren was very personable, the artists were funny and intimated and super talented. I lived the intimacy of the entire experience, it felt like we were in our own little private world in the water. It was perfection and I will definitely come back.
— Nicole // Steamship // April 2019
There is something incredibly intimate and special about being in a small room with extremely talented, passionate musicians with a love for their craft. When that room is in a historic mansion with eclectic architectural schemes, the uniqueness of the experience is amplified. This event was incredible, thanks both to the host, Darren, and the two musicians featured. I would recommend this sort of experience to anyone interested in a personal, interactive encounter with incredibly talented local musicians. The ambiance of the setting makes one feel extremely privileged to be there.
— Zade // Mansion // March 2019

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