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Do you play original songs and can hold your own for an unplugged show in front of an attentive crowd? Here’s how to submit:

  1. Email ‘’ a link to your website, YouTube, and/or social media channels. *Live videos are best, even if rough. And the more you can show how you interact with the audience, the better!

  2. Make sure the content you send gives us an accurate representation of your style and stage presence, as it would look if you’d be playing for us. We only take soloists, duos and occasionally trios, so consider this when submitting. We don’t want to see your full band performing in a video; we want to see just you with a guitar. Unplugged videos are great, as long as they showcase you and your sound accurately.

  3. All submissions are given to an independent curation team to assess fit with the DRYFT Music brand, style, stage presence, etc.

  4. If you are selected, you’ll receive an email from us, asking about future availability, rates, requirements, etc.

That’s it folks! Thanks again for submitting and hope to see you on stage in the near future.